Renewal of Landfall

Our 2022 Roof Renewal was a Success, Thank you for your Support

  • One bundle of #1 white cedar shingles covers twenty-five square feet of roof
  • We need a total of thirty bundles to do the south roof and the studio roof this spring
  • Help put a new roof on Kent Cottage by sponsoring a bundle of shingles
  • For a donation of $200, you can sponsor a bundle of cedar shingles
  • Also, you can sponsor a bundle in the name of a loved one or someone with a connection to Brigus or Kent Cottage. We will attach your message or drawing or poem or whatever to a shingle from your bundle and in another fifty years, when the roof is next renewed, your message will be there to see – a memory time capsule.

There are several ways to send your $200 donation to sponsor a bundle.

  • by INTERAC e-transfer to
  • by cheque to Landfall Trust, P. O. Box 21378, St. John’s, NL, A1A 5G6
  • by clicking on the DONATE button below.
  • If you want to dedicate your bundle, don’t forget to include your message

Thank you for participating in our Renew the Roof campaign. Each additional bundle of shingles donated will ensure that Kent Cottage will continue to be preserved and maintained for generations to come.

Follow the progress of our Renew the Roof campaign. Check the end of each month January through to April 2022 to see the bundles of shingles adding up.

In 1914, when Rockwell Kent lived at the cottage and put on his studio addition, the roof was in need of “tar” to preserve its existing spruce shingles, but fifteen years later, those shingles were totally worn out and A. E. Harris replaced them with new cedar ones when he added the bathroom. That roof lasted another fifty years, but in 1981 Jake found Harris’s shingles falling off. Now Jake’s roof is forty years old, and the strong sea gales and heavy rains are dislodging his thick cedar shakes and moisture is dampening the front upstairs room.

After stripping off the old shakes and preparing the roof deck boards, we will put on new eastern white cedar shingles. In addition, we will be giving workshops in conjunction with The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Office to Advance Women Apprentices, teaching the particular details of the vanishing skills of installing wood roofing shingles.

The new roof will be installed in two stages, with the south side of the cottage, the one overlooking the bay, done in the spring and the rear in the fall of 2022. This will allow the Trust to carry on with its residencies and programming throughout the summer.