Preserving Our Place

Restoration and Preservation

Window Restoration: After centuries of battering by the elements, the cottage windows are being lovingly refurbished, one by one. And in tandem with this project, the Trust offers workshops on window restoration.

Groundskeeping and Stonework : Eleven acres and a large front garden sloping down to the sea require hours of cutting, pruning and trimming by a team of volunteers each season. The Trust always welcomes new people to our grounds maintenance team.

The beautiful stone walls and steps are being restored stone by stone through workshops on dry stone walling by master craftsman, Ken Tuach.

Road Access: In a battle with climate change and the consequent heavy rainfalls, road washouts in recent years have necessitated a major undertaking to improve drainage and rebuild the 500 m road leading to the cottage.

Chimney Upgrade: Here is George Morgan up on the roof of Kent Cottage, attending to chimney repairs.

Solar Power Upgrade: Remote and far along the coastline, the cottage remains off the grid. Solar powered batteries supply lights and sufficient power to recharge guests’ electronic toys.

New Fireplace: Along with the new roof, the brick chimney was rebuilt in 2022, which will enable the Trust to install a propane fireplace. This will provide a second source of heat, not only adding to the comfort but also the ambience on those cool spring or fall evenings.

Engage: Help us achieve our goals and keep Kent Cottage in pristine condition for the enjoyment of generations to come,

Kent Cottage windows
Stone steps to lower garden
The road to Landfall
George Morgan on the roof
Solar power at Jake’s
Fireplace at Jake’s

A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.

Steve Berry, author and founder of History Matters