Heritage – The Residents

Kent Cottage Residents

While the structure dates back to the 19th century, it is the 20th century occupants that have brought the cottage its fame. The first was the renowned American artist, and author, Rockwell Kent, who with his wife and children lived there from 1914-15. His stay at Landfall was both controversial and legendary.

Fifteen years later, A.E. Harris, an Englishman who was a manager of the Grand Falls pulp and paper mill, and a man of considerable artistic ability, purchased the house and spent his retirement there, creating watercolors and etchings until his death in 1933.

Twenty years on, and another American, Bradley J. Folensbee (Jake), fell in love with the place, purchased the house in 1953, renamed it Landfall, and spent the next fifty summers there. He lovingly restored the property and actively pursued his own passion for art.

Figurehead by Vince Jones

I consider it a privilege and a unique and wondrous honour to stay in this cottage, which I see as a living and breathing ‘artifact’. I often envision Rockwell Kent, A.E. Harris, Jake and the Pomeroys living here and going about their day to day. It is an absolute inspiring place.

Brian McAlonie, Museologist, Buffalo, NY (2016)