Board of Directors

David Molyneux
St. John’s NL

David is an engineer and educator at Memorial University. As a Naval Architect he appreciates the importance of ships and the sea to the continuing story of Brigus. He has served on several community boards in the St. John’s area, and with his wife, artist Jennifer Young, knows well the inspirational retreat that Kent Cottage provides.


Past President

Tony Dearness
St. John’s NL

Tony is a retired teacher of human resources and organizational behaviour at Memorial University of Newfoundland, with experience in corporate human resources management, governance of not-for-profit organizations, and public participation. His interest in Newfoundland history is well-satisfied by pursuing the full story of Landfall. Educated at University of Calgary (BA) and Toronto (MBA). A kayaker, he has closely studied the shoreline of Brigus Bay.

Anneliese Ellis
Portugal Cove NL

Anneliese is a graduate of the University of Alberta. She has previous experience as the treasurer of her provincial professional association, secretary for her local Lions Club, and bookkeeper for her partner’s small business.  She is delighted to be part of the Landfall Trust, having experienced the magic of Kent Cottage with her artist partner, children, and pet (all of whom were equally amazed).  She has roots in Burnt Head (Cupids), in mime, and in adding machines.  She is so pleased to find her way back to the arts in her capacity as Treasurer.

Vice-President, Finance


Janet Whittaker
St. John’s NL

Janet is a retired research assistant and former volunteer with The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery in St. John’s and the Seniors Resource Centre (now Seniors NL). She has a strong interest in the arts and is active in the amateur music community in St. John’s.

Rex Passion
Torbay NL

Rex apprenticed as a cabinetmaker and carpenter in California and Boston in the 1970s. In 2006 he sold his construction company and architecture firm, Classic Restorations, and subsequently moved to Torbay. His vocation of restoring old houses became his avocation, heritage preservation. He feels very fortunate to be responsible for the preservation of one of the oldest houses in Newfoundland.

Vice-President, Facilities

Caroline Stone
Paradise NL

Caroline is a visual arts curator and writer who worked for Memorial University of Newfoundland Art Gallery and then The Rooms for many years. Exhibitions she curated which had a connection to Brigus include A.E. Harris in Newfoundland (1983), Pointed North: Rockwell Kent in Newfoundland and Labrador (2014) and Gerald Squires: Spirit Visible (2017). Her father architect Charles Cullum introduced Caroline to Kent Cottage in the 1970s and she has loved it ever since.

Marcia Spence
Brigus NL

Marcia recently retired from the English Second Language program at Memorial University. It was her love of the arts that first brought her to the province, where she was employed in arts management, and now she enthusiastically resumes this interest on behalf of Landfall Trust.

Jenifer Soper
St. John’s NL

Jenifer is a graduate of Memorial and Wilfred Laurier University, a friend of Jake Folensbee and member of the founding board of Landfall Trust. Following a career in the Public Service and Canadian Heritage Jenifer  has returned to the board. She brings extensive professional and volunteer experience in culture, heritage, community development and the not-for-profit sector to the board.

Shane O’Dea St. John’s NL

A former Professor of English Literature and Public Orator at Memorial University, Shane O’Dea’s interest in architectural history led him into research on and preservation of Newfoundland building, which in turn resulted in his involvement in the St John’s Heritage Area, the Newfoundland Heritage Foundation, the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board, Heritage Canada, the Newfoundland Historic Trust, the Newfoundland Historical Society and the Association of Heritage Industries. He is a member of the Order of Newfoundland and of the Order of Canada. Shane first visited Kent Cottage in 1967 and has owned a home in Brigus since 1987.

Denise Holland
Brigus NL

Denise Holland spent much of her childhood in Brigus, has recently purchased a home there and is very much looking forward to reconnecting with her heritage. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University, a French Proficiency Diploma from McGill University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University (Rockwell Kent’s art is a long-held interest).  Denise has worked world-wide as an Executive Assistant and as the Field Logistics and Media Officer at New York University for her husband David’s Greenland and Antarctica science expeditions.

Nancy Earle
St. John’s NL

Nancy Earle is a returning Landfall Trust board member with a strong interest in the cultural programming side of Landfall as well as being dedicated to its preservation. Nancy studied at Memorial University and holds a PhD from Simon Fraser University. With Ágnes Juhász-Ormsby, she co-edited ‘The Finest Room in the Colony’: The Library of John Thomas Mullock (Memorial University Libraries, 2016). She teaches in the English Department at Douglas College, BC, and divides her time between Vancouver and St John’s.