Heritage – The Place

Kent Cottage History

Since its beginnings over 200 years ago, Kent Cottage has been hauntingly visible at the edge of Brigus. It is the last remaining structure at Freshwater, where ships used to take on fresh water from the stream flowing down the cliffs to the sea.

After being the Pomeroy family home for most of the 1800s, the cottage weathered years of unoccuppancy interspersed with tenancies by artists of some acclaim.

In 1988, Landfall received Heritage Structure designation by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2018 it was reclassified as a Landmark Registered Heritage Structure for its historical, cultural, architectural, and environmental values.

Battery Brook Waterfall

Now if we walk just a few steps further {out the Battery} we will come to a most attractive little waterfall. This is Battery Brook. And just beyond this point is the old Pomeroy estate known in its early days as Freshwater and probably one of the most widely known Brigus properties today.

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